NEC Update – March 2021

MARCH 12TH 2021

Yesterday’s NEC Organisation Committee was a bit of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

Let’s start with the good.

There was a lot of discussion around different codes of conduct which are required as part of the EHRC action plan, such as Social Media Policy, on Islamophobia, on Anti Black racism and on GRT discrimination.

There was good discussion and we managed to make some amendments to the Social Media policy that were accepted by consensus. GOOD.

Following this we moved onto the long awaited new Black Asian Minority Ethnic structures and how a national committee would be composed and elected.

The BAME committee structures will have CLP representation, Trade Union representation and reps from the PLP, ALC, NEC etc.

We managed to increase the number of CLP reps to gain parity with TU reps (11 each), something that the working group had failed to get consensus on.

We argued and voted for both the Chair of the BAME Committee and the CLP places to be voted by OMOV.

We argued this because it is important that EVERY Black Asian Minority Ethnic Labour member gets a vote and not just the few who are able to go to a conference.

I’m sorry to say that this was unsuccessful in a vote. The GV5 and Ann Black voted for OMOV on both occasions, the other CLP reps voted against. This is not good for member democracy.

My major area of concern was allowing two voting positions to BAME Labour. You can see my criticisms of this organisation here:

To sum them up: BAME Labour is a near defunct pocket organisation that represents almost no one in the Party.

I raised my concerns and asked for clarification on whether this moribund organisation is an official affiliate, whether it pays its affiliation fees to the Party and how many members they have.

These were important points that required clarification to give any legitimacy to BAME Labour as an organisation supposedly representing members. My questions were not answered. This was not good practice and we lost that vote too. BAD

Finally, we may have many discussions and disagreements in meetings, but nobody should be called names, and to hear it from the Chair of the NEC was embarrassing for everyone in attendance and deeply inappropriate. I stand in solidarity with Laura Pidcock and feel sorry that she had to endure this behaviour. UGLY.