NEC Report – MAY 2021


Yesterday, we had a full bi-monthly meeting of the Labour NEC.

Yesterdays meeting was definitely more positive in my opinion than previous meetings in terms of getting business completed and working more collegiately. A range of emotions so in this thread, I have included emojis to display those emotions

I asked Keir Starmer about his thoughts on replicating the success of the Matt Brown in Preston and Paul Dennett in Salford – whether he would replicate Community Wealth Building models such as the Preston Model in other councils.

Keir Starmer gave a strong endorsement of those models and my recent discussions with Anneliese Dodds, the new Party Chair and reviewing Policy, prior to the meeting, was also positive about this. Look forward to seeing this implemented.

I also asked Keir when the Community Organising Unit was coming back as they were so commended in the Labour Together report and also I asked whether he had ‘forgotten or ditched’ his 10 pledges. Unfortunately I did not get an answer to those questions

I moved an amendment to a paper on Mayoral Selections Processes to ensure this was reduced to 1/3rd of party branches / affiliated branches, in line with PLP selections introduced by the 2018 Democracy Review. This amendment fell. A step back for party democracy imo. PLP trigger ballots set at 1/3rd, why should this be different?

I also moved an amendment to ensure that candidates are not removed just by the General Secretary and Regional Directors but comes back to the NEC Organisational Committee as well. This amendment was voted on and ended in a 15-15 tie but then was defeated 16-14 on a recount. This was very close!

The party has 489k members and has lost approx 23k members since February including 7k of which are in their 20s. This is not a good sign. The party needs to do more to retain our members. How about restoring the whip to Jeremy Corbyn? After 4 NEC members asked this on 4 seperate occasions we were told this is a matter between the Chief Whip and Jeremy. So we now know who to ask!

Still no news on the Forde Report, there will be a Future Candidates Programme starting in the summer for future candidates.