NEC Report – january 2022

At today’s NEC meeting we were provided the current membership figures which we were told stand at 434,000 This includes members in arrears as well – the party cannot confirm how many are in arrears as an effect of the data breach until the end of this month.

Members will have to wait till February at the earliest for the Forde Report. NEC members expressed the understandable frustations of members. Many rank and file members have asked me how much the Forde report will cost

The GS expressed his “professional embarrassment” about the delay and confirmed the party wont pay the full amount till the report is published. The decisions for costs are delegated to the Business Board of the NEC

Members have speculated to me that the report will cost in excess of £500,000. I cannot confirm this at this stage – we will know when the report is provided and after full payment is made.

The bulk business of the meeting was spent discussing the Westminister Parliamentary selection procedures ahead of the next GE There was consensus gained on this paper through amendments and discussion both at the meeting and through the TULO prior to the meeting.

There was a campaign update, with more specific campaign planning for local elections to be discussed at the forthcoming March NEC meeting. Members spoke of how the party cannot keep relyng on the Tories to keep tripping up as they are likely to change leadership

We discussed the motion to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

We discussed a motion to stop the retrospective application due to proscriptions. We lost the vote: 22-15