NEC Report – MAy 2022

Today’s NEC meeting. Key points – A lot of frustration from NEC members regarding the delay of the Forde report. I asked the GS for clarification whether any party officials had recieved the report – GS clarified that nobody had

New tranche of 21 parliamentary selections agreed and rubber stamped by NEC today which have already been widely reported here

Exclusive: Labour to agree 21 seats allowed to select Labour MP candidates – LabourList

Election results were discussed – both the positives such as increase in votes in some areas such as the West Midlands as well as historic victories such as Barnet, Westminister, Wandsworth and Worthing while negatives such as Tower Hamlets, Harrow, Croydon and Oldham

Assurances were given that the negative results and reasons for those results will be analysed and improved upon while everyone also agreed that we need to improve in all areas for more successful results and not be complacent

I made the point that with another set of local elections due in 10 months time – it’s vital selections are urgent and FAIRLY COMPLETED – no stitch ups leading to more division referencing successes in Wandsworth, Westminister, and Worthing as examples of the broad church working together

A new initiative called a Campaign Improvement Board to improve ‘underperforming’ Labour groups was discussed and agreed. These would be worked on with a NEC Local Government Panel which consists of the Chair of Org Sub committee and both NEC Cllr reps

I requested a reasonable amendment to include a CLP rep and a TU rep onto this board as this board may have to make interventions with LCF/LGC’s and CLP’s – this amendment was rejected but was told the makeup of the board will be revisited in Novembers NEC Away Day

It is frustrating that the full NEC hasnt recieved a financial or membership update paper for a significant period of time. GS informed us that there had been 10k new members in 2022 and current membership figures are approx 420k with 30k in arrears.

I raised concerns about skeleton staff in regional offices which impacts CLP support – this was acknowledged and improvements to staff numbers regionally were promised – finances also cited as requiring improvement (hence the need for full NEC to see a financial report)

Finally NEC members requested an update on dates for a Disabled Members Conference, Black Asian Minority Ethnic Conference and a Youth Conference – we were told that these will happen soon but nothing concrete yet in terms of dates.