NEC Report – JULY 2021

Yesterday’s NEC meeting turned out to be a 9 and a half hour epic meeting despite NEC members raising and having accessibility needs and caring concerns.

As for the meeting itself, as the Forde report is still nowhere to be seen. The NEC requested the GS to invite Forde to the next NEC or to a Special meeting, to provide a summary before publication.

We approved a Code of Conduct on Islamophobia, a positive step, but will we see it seriously implemented and will it apply to everyone in the Party?

In the past we have seen clear evidence of MPs engaging in incitement against Muslims, and just recently we have seen Islamophobic briefings after the Batley and Spen by-election. A Code of Conduct is meaningless if there is no political will to apply it properly.

I voted against the proscribing and auto expulsion (see the statements below which explain my reasons why):

We were provided with an update on the progress and plans following the Caller Report into Liverpool. Here are the recommendations 👇🏾

I am deeply concerned by the decision of the national party to control the selections process in Liverpool and do not see how this will address the issue of corruption at all. Once again the default response is the top-down one.

The financial situation of the Labour Party is in an unhealthy situation compared to a healthy peak in 2018.

Membership is down by approximately 120,000 members compared to a peak of 550,000 in January 2020 to approx 430,000 now.

This suggests sadly that the chickens are indeed coming home to roost on the leadership’s approach of alienating members and core voters, and poses major questions of the long-term viability of the Party.